Intuned - Branding

Together with my friends at Carberry & Hanrahan I created the new branding for Intuned, which helps developers build reliable integrations via their AI enabled cloud platform.

C&H made a stellar website that perfectly utilized the new branding. Check out the illustrations there too, made by the talented Dima Moiseenko.

I sketched around 92 (!) rough logo concepts, after which I digitized 6 different directions. The final symbol represents layers/stacks, but also growth, reflecting the nature of the product.

The font used in the wordmark is Poppins. The website makes great use of the free Geist font, both the regular and mono variation.

Let me know what you think. Hit that like button and send me a message if you need a logo design. ✌🏻

Posted on Jan 16, 2024
Jord Riekwel
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