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As an animation and design instructor, along with my role as the curriculum developer at Dixie Technical College, I took initiative to enhance the learning experience for our students. Drawing on my expertise, I authored a series of custom interactive textbooks designed to make the complex Adobe suite and other design principles accessible to a diverse range of learning styles. This venture aimed to provide a comprehensive and engaging educational foundation, weaving together design principles and practical application.

One of the larger topics my textbooks aimed to cover was Adobe's essential products, including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, InDesign, and Premiere. These textbooks transcend traditional learning materials by incorporating detailed instructions, animations, and interactive sections. Each course was written to be hands on and project based, with animations and interactivity for the visual learner and in-depth write-ups for those who would prefer to read up on each topic. With download links for associated projects, these textbooks seamlessly blend theory and practice, making learning a hands-on and immersive experience.

The materials resonated with many types of learners, providing a more dynamic understanding of complex concepts and allowing for them to take each topic at their own pace. The success of these resources is reflected not only in individual student achievements but also in the school's overall reputation. Credited with a significant increase in enrollment – from below 20 per class to over 100 – these textbooks have become instrumental in shaping a positive learning environment and contributing to the overall growth and success of Dixie Technical College.

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