Pilgrim's Progress Playing Cards

Introducing the Pilgrim's Progress Playing Cards by Elephant Playing Cards. I did the first initial sketch for this deck almost exactly three years ago. The process of the project was in a sense a metaphor for the theme of the deck itself. Quite a hard journey. But in the end it was really worth it.

Now I invite you with this deck to explore the world of John Bunyan's iconic work as you meet superbly-illustrated heroes, villains and locations from 'Pilgrim's Progress', each accented with metallic gold highlights.

Special shoutouts to Ben from Elephant Playing Cards, Matthew from Pilgrim Hymns who is a real expert and who gave me countless reference material from the Pilgrim's Progress world. Also he encouraged me throughout the years to finish the deck. For the tuck and cards I used Misfits Blackletter by Typeverything and as usual some sprinkles of Sandleford by Beasts of England.

📸 by Chris Moyer

If you want to get an even more in depth view of the project,

check out the case study over at my Behance:

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