Ramos - Branding for the digital business analytic platform

branding design for the SaaS startup

Introducing Ramos: Your Go-To Digital Analytics Platform 📊🚀

About Ramos

Ramos is a SaaS startup with a powerful digital analytics platform, offering advanced features like equity analysis tools, model development, and portfolio analysis. It's designed to give investors deep insights for confident decision-making.

What Outcrowd did:

  1. Branding design: Logo, color palette, font, visual guidelines and marketing collaterals.

  2. UX/UI design of the analytical platform.

  3. Website design that promotes the brand and its digital product.

logo design for the digital business analytic platform

Simple Logo Symbolism

Our logo represents digital analysis — two circles converging, creating squares symbolizing data analysis. It reflects the brand's commitment to turning complexity into clear insights.

logo design for the saas startup

Coral Red and Orange Palette

With a coral red and orange palette, our design is minimalist and modern. The dominant white space provides an open feel, with pops of coral red and orange adding vibrancy.

It's a straightforward, versatile aesthetic suitable for various applications.

visual identity for the saas startup
brand visual identity for the digital business analytic platfrom

Consistent Visual Identity

We recognize the importance of having a consistent and unified brand presence, and Ramos is no exception.

The visual identity is not limited to the platform alone but extends to various assets such as marketing materials, banners, and social media posts.

We aim to maintain consistency in design and branding to ensure that whether you encounter Ramos on their platform or across multiple channels, you will recognize the familiar coral red and orange palette, minimalist design, and the symbolic convergence of circles and squares.

This consistency reinforces our commitment to providing a clear and simple experience for our users and helps us maintain a strong and recognizable brand across all touchpoints.

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