Wonka x theory11 Playing Cards


Introducing the Wonka x theory11 Playing Cards.

Unwrap your golden ticket now!


Since I started out as a freelance designer, I always admired the work of theory11. They always worked with the best designers in the game like Kevin CantrellChad MichaelDan GrettaSimon FrouwsJoe White and many more. The decks they did are not only playing cards decks, but also truly pieces of art which tell inspiring stories and showcase their complex style and excellency in elaborate design. To someday stand in the same range was a dream I not even dared to dream.

This year I was inquired by theory11 to do a deck. And not just »a« deck. The official licensed Warner Bros. Entertainment deck to the official Wonka movie. I invite you now to celebrate the release of this very special deck that tells the origin story of Willy Wonka.

With Willy I can say »never let them steal your dreams«. This colorful candy stuffed deck embodies in many ways the wonder, magic and awe I felt while designing and illustrating the deck. Thanks so much to every supporter and follower!


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