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Propps is on a mission to improve how we buy and sell real estate in Australia.

Focusing on agents

Offer Hub is a sophisticated web application utilized by over 8,000 real estate agents. The platform plays a pivotal role in streamlining and improving the efficiency of offer-related real estate operations. Functioning as a centralized hub, it adeptly collects and manages a vast portfolio of over 36,000 listings from renowned agencies nationwide.


In this tab, agents can transparently encourage competition and receive time/event-based recommendations to maximise their campaign results.

The campaign page


Agents can follow a timeline of buyer actions, including registrations, offers, and property announcements.

The activity page


A list of registered buyers helps to identify those without offers and streamline buyer engagement management.

The buyers page


Submitted offers, accompanied by a visual representation of their relative standing, price feedback, and the property price guide.

Agents can take specific actions, offering an organized approach similar to managing emails.

The offers page


A detailed view, including price, deposit, settlement date, validity, and contact details for efficient evaluation and management.

The offer page


Configurations for the property, including legal documents, price guide, deposit management, and additional features.

The settings page

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