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👋🏼 Hi Dribbble!

I'm very happy and proud to show you the result of our work with Universal DX, a brilliant biotech company working on a revolutionary approach to early cancer detection.

Universal DX had a dated website and a red-centric corporate identity when they approached us. I found it challenging to start by infusing friendliness into their red palette, introducing vibrant tones like orange and burgundy. Ensuring extensive data didn't overwhelm users, I condensed figures for optimal engagement.

I revamped the layout, seamlessly adapting content from their old site, and they loved the design from the get-go. I'm proud to contribute to Universal DX's mission!

Recently, Universal DX raised a funding round worth millions, with Quest Diagnostics, a strategic collaboration to bring advanced colorectal cancer screening blood test to patients and providers in the United States. Congratulations! 💪 ✨

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