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Greetings everyone! We’d love to present our design concept for a platform where users can upload and watch videos created by other authors. Here are the key features of this application.

The main screen features a description of the service and a list of video categories. On the second page, there is a video player window with playback controls, a list of related videos, and a comment section for users to engage with the content.

The primary characteristic of this design is its simplicity and minimalism, allowing the main content of the platform - the videos - to take center stage. The user interface is clean and uncluttered, providing a seamless and immersive video viewing experience.

As for the color palette, we opted for a dark blue background with bright, vibrant pink accents. The use of white helps to maintain a clean and minimalistic look. The focus is placed on eye-catching video previews, with pink highlighting the main navigation elements to guide users' attention.

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