Makko - Logo and brand identity for the social network

branding design for the social network

A Digital Haven for Delight and Heartwarming Connections

At Outcrowd, we are thrilled to unveil the vibrant and heartwarming brand identity we crafted for Makko, your new digital oasis for joyous interactions and genuine connections.

🎨 Logo Design

Let's start with a handwritten logo, a fusion of creativity and warmth that embodies the personal touch defining the Makko platform.

This distinctive logo reflects the essence of Makko, where connections are formed on a personal and heartfelt level.

The organic flow of the typography, which appears handcrafted, mirrors the fluidity of conversations and interactions on our platform.

handwritten logo design for the social network
logo design for the social network app
logo design

🌅 Color Palette

Imagine a color palette that mirrors the warmth of a summer sunrise and the sweetness of ripe peaches.

Our peach-orange symphony is a visual representation of comfort, vibrancy, and positivity. The soft and soothing peach at its core evokes the tranquility of a dawn sky, while the lively orange adds enthusiasm and vitality, infusing excitement and creativity into the scheme.

Together, these colors inspire joy, connection, and optimism—the hues of shared moments, heartfelt conversations, and the genuine connections that define Makko's social network.

🔤 Typography

Introducing "Plus Jakarta Sans," a versatile typeface chosen for its impeccable legibility and modern design principles.

The monolinear contrast, pointy curves, clean forms, and balanced proportions of this typeface align seamlessly with Makko's contemporary aesthetics and commitment to readability.

Every letter exudes authenticity and uniqueness, mirroring the genuine connections forged within Makko's community.

social media collaterals for the startup

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