AY & JL Monograms

Just wanted to share a couple of rejects from current projects, the ones that were actually my favorites. Both projects belong to architecture and construction niche, but those are different clients from different parts of USA.

Left > AY > company builds outdoor structure like patios, gazebos, fire pits, pool decks. They work with a lot of wood-based elements and the goal was to pull off a stylized tree-like shape while building letters with constructional elements.

Right > JL > a turnkey general contracting company with a huge plethora of services they are offering. If you look close enough, you'll notice an angle view of a building rising in the negative space between the letters.

If anyone is interested, these bad boys are for sale, I'd love to see them in use!

✉️ > For project inquiries, feel free to reach out directly: type08@gmail.com


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