Orvo - Logo and branding for the crypto trading platform

branding for the crypto trading platform

Introducing Orvo, our latest venture at the forefront of modern trading.

Designed by Outcrowd, our logo and brand identity is a subtle nod to transparency and dynamism in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

🔍Logo design

Our visual identity centers around a celestial circle, elegantly decorated with a guiding star. This symbolic design captures the essence of trading alchemy, which blends coins, transparency, and a touch of magic.

Imagine a platform crafted for the wise individual, where modernity meets a calculated pursuit of financial excellence.

logo design for the crypto trading platform

🎨 Color Palette

Orvo enters the scene with a measured palette of purple, pink, and yellow.

Purple signifies the mystique of the crypto world, coupled with complexity and creativity.

Pink introduces a subtle vibrancy, reflecting a measured nod to the youthful spirit.

Yellow indicates optimism, innovation, and the potential for measured financial growth.

branding for the crypto startup
brand identity for the crypto startup
logo design for the crypto startup

🎨 Illustrative Depth

Within our platform, deep geometric illustrations breathe life into the abstract complexities of the crypto universe.

Each visual element is crafted to convey depth and complexity, defining the unique character of Orvo.

branding for the blockchain startup

With design and branding, Outcrowd helps to reveal the essence of your brand and transform it into a powerful force that excels in results.

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