A Food Ordering and Delivery App UI

A Food Ordering App and Delivery App UI

Hello Friends,

Take a look at a food ordering app I recently designed that helps users achieve swift food deliveries.

This app features other screens, but currently here are three main screens. The First screen displays the Home screen, The Second screen showcases the menu, The Third Screen displays the Cart and Payment settings.

A Food Ordering and Delivery App UI

With an intuitive user interface and convenient design, users can easily navigate through the app to find the information they need concerning their meals/orders.

This ensures a seamless experience while using the app.

A Food Ordering and Delivery App UI

In terms of the color palette, I opted for a combination of Red, Orange, Black, Yellow, accentuated with white elements. This color scheme adds a sense of depth and elegance to the app's interface. Thanks for your likes and comments!

Wanna create something great? Feel free to contact me - faithodukudu@gmail.com

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