Balas - UX/UI mobile design for the family care application

UX/UI mobile app design

📱Where Security Meets Simplicity

While we established the brand's visual identity, our journey with Balas extends beyond visual aesthetics — we've been the driving force behind the creation of their main application.

The app idea

The Balas mobile app isn't just an application; it's a seamless extension of trust and togetherness.

Designed to redefine security for families and social circles, the app combines cutting-edge geolocation tracking with instant phone status updates, ensuring that safety is just a tap away.

mobile application design

Crafting Experiences

Our design philosophy revolves around bright and vivid visuals that serve as a source of reassurance.

The 3D illustrations are more than just eye candy; they embody the app's mission — to keep you linked to your loved ones and empower you with the information you need, when you need it.

We've designed an intuitive layout that not only enhances accessibility but also weaves a digital tapestry of support. From visual reassurance to seamless navigation, every detail is crafted to enhance the user experience.

security mobile app design with 3D
mobile app UX/UI design

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