Inktober 2023

Here is my first project on Dribbble. And this one is my favorite project of the year 2023.

The month of October I had the idea of ​​setting myself a little challenge. So I went for it.

Inktober is a challenge created by Jake Parker. Which is to make an ink drawing every day for 31 days for the entire month of October. On the guideline of a theme for each day. Hence its name “Inktober”.So I made about 26 drawings out of 31. Includes mixed themes. Let's go 😉

My original idea was to tell a story with a character. What changed along the way. The character has been modified 3 times. But the last modification changed my mind. So I had to redesign it several times but with different characteristics. I plan to continue working on the character. He inspires me with lots of good things. Especially since he doesn't stop smiling.

If I hadn't invested the time for this October challenge. I might not have gotten to know this character. I named him “Tchou”. Just Tchou. If you want to give it a last name; so call it “Tchou Smile”. Because the smile is his signature.

I also drew other ones (illustrations).

There is a video available on my instagram as a reel. It will show you all the sketches. Here is the link:

There it is! Be happy 😁 Always!


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