Taskio - Task Management App Concept

Hello everyone! I created a design concept for a task manager apps in which users make streaks when performing tasks based on task frequency. Let us investigate more.

The app has a main screen that displays the overall streaks, a task overview that shows each task status, and task cards that provide a short task an overview. statistics display a user's progress in the streak grid and overall statistics. This app lets users to easily create tasks in a modern form.

The key feature of the app is the collection of all task data in one location, making it simple for users to track and enhance their productivity.

For the color palette, we have chosen a Bright theme with blue accents on important interface elements. The basic color scheme lets users focus on tracking their tasks without being distracted.

Enjoying it? Share the love ❤️ and let me know your thoughts! Feedback is welcome. Thanks and have a great day! ✌️

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