Customer and Staff Menus

This is the detailed iteration of the 'tasks' that are done by our bankers. Broken down into Customer and Staff Menus so we can understand what are the variances and overlaps within the interfaces.

Process and Outcome

The process of extracting at all levels the IA for our Sales Customer system for staff and customers will allow up to have a detailed level view of our systems architecture. All the way down to the buttons that are clicked and where they navigate a user. The work completed is of MASS scale and cannot be showcased through images in my portfolio.

This work spanned across 3 months of full time work between myself, our Senior UX Designer and another Product Design Lead.

The outcome:

The above images only showcase a snipped of the work shared at Steercos and run-throughs with the Architecture teams.

What are the levels?

Level 1: Core Business Process Groups. e.g. Originate and Fulfil Offerings

Level 2: Processes e.g. Originating a customer

Level 3: Activities e.g. Verify Customers, Performing physical ID verification

Level 4: Tasks e.g. Create a case, send a link

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