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"Stillness is My Lamborghini" is a five-day immersive, durational performance, and installation.

At the center of the installation, in the space between, a body moves slowly, methodically, in a monotonous act of weaving collective desires. Surrounded by an ever-growing accumulation, the center remains open. The stillness in the space between available at any moment.

A body, a perishable room, an enclosure made from illusion. Entrails of desires are strung over and around an open frame, growing, swelling, bulking over the durational installation. A red sinew, a strand of lifeforce, a blood letting, is used to weave, amass, and heap the refuse of yearning.

The material is ephemeral and fragile by nature, it will not last. Commonly used to hold and protect what is gathered and accumulated, it now contains the stillness at the center of the installation.

This is a new luxury. A divining of the ephemeral invisible. A stillness that opens and cuts. In suspended seeking what remains? Can contentment be littered, cluttered, stored, strewn, shined, wrapped, discarded?

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NiFe (Jennifer) Lucey-Brzoza
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