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Designed a better assistance for AppleCare Advisors to help customers around the globe. The highly modular macOS application is flexible, customizable, and accessible to account for individual Advisor needs, including Advisors with disabilities. As Apple customers’ first point of contact, they’ll be the friendly voice of Apple, providing world-class customer service and technical support. There are four levels of advisors solve 61,000 cases per day, 419,000 cases per week, in a total of 1.8 M cases per month. 

The system is a hybrid of native macOS Cocoa and Webkit, with integrated phone, chat, and email channels of support. To increase Advisors’ efficiency, all modules need to be adjustable, i.e. resized, detached, hidden/shown based on their current needs.

Client: Apple

Agency: Elephant

Role: Design Lead

The users are around 50,000 Apple advisors with different job roles around the world, from US to India, from Apple Offices to home offices. They speak different languages based on their locations, so we need to localize the app to the local languages. Apple Core 1.0 launched with 5 languages (English, German, Portugese, Chinese, Japanese) and more languages to follow. 

Softphone. The status bar and softphone are designed to be interactive and fun to use. 

Chat. To increase efficiency, Advisors can chat with a maximum of three customers and three Advisors. They have the ability to screen share and send/receive rich content (images, animated GIFs, and short videos). Customers are also able to simply drag and drop their files into the chat windows.

Global Search. Designed a unified search experience that allows Advisors to quickly search for customers’ profile, products, cases, and agreements.

Case Logging. Advisors can log cases by creating their own topics or selecting the recommended ones. Logging a case is designed to be a flexible process to account for various Advisor job roles and scenarios with customers. Advisors are able to select serialized products and/or affected products, answer troubleshooting questions, and consult with another Advisor.

Accessibility. As a basic core value of Apple, the Core is designed to be accessible for everyone with a diverse range of eye sight, hearing, movement, and cognitive ability. Accessibility also benefits Advisors without disabilities, for example older Advisors with changing abilities and Advisors using a slow Internet connection. To further cater different kind of conditions, the ability to customize font sizes and background colors is paramount for Advisors with some forms of dyslexia or contrast sensitivity.

Posted on Oct 24, 2023
Caroline Hilman
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