Graff Jewellery, a distinguished name in the world of luxury jewellery, sought the creation of a compelling gifting brochure, accompanied by a meticulous brief. Originally destined to find its exclusive place within the hallowed confines of the Graff Harrods store's private shopping area. The primary objective was to showcase select giftable pieces from the Graff collections to an audience of discerning ultra-high-net-worth clients. To this end, the brochure required not only an exhibition of original thought in packaging and print materials but also a keen understanding of the intricate dynamics of the luxury retail jewellery market, particularly in the context of launching a new collection.

In response to this creative challenge, I conceived a concept rooted in the opulence and mystique of the Fabergé egg—a symbol of hidden treasures unveiled. The outer box, meticulously designed to resonate with the signature Graff aesthetic, exuded an air of elegance and refinement. Luxuriously lined with sumptuous deep green velvet, to find its prestigious abode within the inner sanctum of the Harrod's Graff private salon.

The allure of this packaging extended beyond the exterior facade, for within the elegant outer box lay yet another surprise. In the form of a meticulously crafted princess-cut diamond brochure, constructed from the highest quality crystal, this exquisite gem refracted the ambient lighting within the store, actively engaging the client in a mesmerizing journey through the world of diamonds and the intrinsic value of the Graff gifting experience.

Upon unveiling this second layer of luxury, the client was introduced to the heart of the collection—a modern, opulent, and affordably high-end range, thoughtfully designed as a selection of gifts tailored to the discerning buyer's preferences.

The brochure, featuring Graff's own captivating photography, it artfully combined elements of Bible paper, gold foil accents, delicate tissue paper, holographic edging, and the timeless elegance of Coptic binding. This meticulous fusion of traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary interpretation embodied the very essence of Graff's commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

In summary, the brochure I envisioned and presented showcases a harmonious marriage of artistic vision and practicality, a testament to the commitment of Graff to offer its esteemed clientele a truly immersive and elevated luxury experience. It not only reflects the brand's unwavering dedication to fine craftsmanship but also its profound understanding of the art of luxury in the realm of jewellery retail.

Presentation Box:

Within the exclusive confines of the VVIP suite, designated for your esteemed clients, an outer box takes its place. It is here that clients are cordially invited to embark on an exploration of its meticulously curated contents. This outer box is a testimony to the principles of scale and presence, exuding an air of grandeur and distinction that perfectly complements the Graff brand ethos.

In adherence to the Graff tradition, the outer box embodies an artful fusion of subtlety and restraint. It does not clamor for attention but rather commands reverence through its understated yet commanding presence. As the lid of this exquisite container is gracefully lifted, it unfurls smoothly on either side, transitioning from an upright enclosure to a flat, open receptacle. Upon this transformed canvas, cloaked in sumptuous fabric, the captivating revelation unfolds before the discerning eyes of your clients.

Brochure Cover:

The concealed gem within the packaging is presented within a luxurious encasement, thoughtfully placed upon a plush green velvet cushion. This element is no ordinary vessel; rather, it represents a bespoke and commissioned crystal container, fashioned in the iconic silhouette of a princess-cut diamond.

The aspiration is to craft this casing from the most exquisite quality of crystal available, possessing the remarkable ability to refract light with a spectrum effect that beautifully emulates the brilliance of diamonds. This choice of material adds an extra layer of opulence and captivation to the presentation, elevating the experience of uncovering the treasured contents within.

For considerations of practicality and cost-effectiveness, it is also feasible to consider an alternative approach. The second inner container, instead of crystal, may be fashioned from perspex, a more readily accessible and economical material. This pragmatic option ensures that the inner encasement remains visually appealing while maintaining a cost-efficient aspect.


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Coptic Binding. Holographic Edging.


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