Hamburger Menu Animation

Hi fellows! Do you remember my keyboard animation shot from not long ago which was inspired by real-life schedule tiles rotation? Well, today I want to try yet another thing with this 3D approach concept I used for keyboard. I am presenting you the hamburger menu button animation. I made it as simple as I could, using different rotation axes to make it more vivid and to make the user want to tap it. It can be used in all sorts of mobile and web stuff, and I hope people will like it. Do you?

If you ever wonder how we work on those animated concepts and bring the life and agility to our interfaces, you are most welcome to check an article on our blog called
Case study: animation. Designing motion
. I've been working on this shot as part of many conceptual work we do here at Tubik Studio along with working on customer projects. It's always good as a practice for your skills. We've been achieving great results using this approach, just check the Tubik Monthly Review. September.

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Have a nice day everyone! Take care.

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