Lulu Li (London City Island)

Lulu Li, a distinguished and award-winning fashion designer based in the city of London, has embarked on a noteworthy collaboration with London City Island and their esteemed Newspaper, a publication thoughtfully crafted and curated by Show Media. In my capacity as the designated Senior Art Director and Stylist for this initiative, I was privileged to undertake the responsibility of crafting the visual narrative with Photographer Marcus Maschwitz that will illuminate the brilliance of Lulu Li's artistic prowess and her distinctive fashion creations, set against the backdrop of the urban tapestry that is London City Island.

At the heart of our creative endeavour lies a profound vision, one that aspires to encapsulate the very essence of Lulu Li's designs. Our objective is to accentuate their inherent elegance and innovation, employing meticulous and evocative visual storytelling techniques. In addition, we aim to provide glimpses into the intricate processes that underpin the creation of her exquisite garments.

The art direction for this project has been thoughtfully curated, designed with the intent of presenting Lulu Li's body of work in a manner that is nothing short of unforgettable. Our aspiration is to etch a lasting impression upon the audience, one that resonates with the essence of her unparalleled expertise within the realm of fashion. Through the harmonious fusion of artistic direction, aesthetics, and narrative, we endeavor to celebrate the exceptional talent that is Lulu Li and the dynamic urban canvas of London City Island.


Art Direction. Styling. Retouching. Project Management.


Print. Digital.


Kelly Shield (Art Direction, Styling, Retouching, Project Management).

Marcus Maschwitz (Photographer).


Show Media (London).

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