Sugar Lounge

Sugar Lounge undertook the strategic initiative of reinvigorating their establishment nestled in the picturesque vicinity of Manly, Sydney, adjacent to the renowned beachfront. In pursuit of this transformation, the establishment engaged in the commissioning of a new brand identity. The primary objective outlined in the creative brief was to conceive a playful, the more you look the more you see Hawaiian theme, artfully interwoven with clever wordplay and playful puns.

The conceptualization of this thematic approach was masterfully achieved through a thoughtfully curated colour palette. Vibrant shades, such as neon pink, Marrs green, opulent gold, sleek black, pristine off-white, soft pastel pink, and delicate pastel green, were meticulously chosen to evoke the desired aesthetic.

The embodiment of this distinctive brand identity is manifested in several key facets.

Firstly, the fusion of modern kitsch and neon elements inspired in part by old school "Miami Vice" is artfully expressed through a combination of both serif and sans-serif typographic styles. This typographical harmony imbues the brand with a sense of contemporary and playful sophistication.

Furthermore, to augment the visual allure of the brand, Sugar Lounge also engaged in the creation of bespoke illustrational and typographic elements. These custom-crafted elements are intrinsic to the brand's unique identity and contribute to its overall visual appeal.

This comprehensive branding initiative extends beyond the realm of mere visual aesthetics. It encompasses a holistic approach that spans across various mediums. The brand and its corresponding execution seamlessly permeate into the domains of print, digital, packaging, signage and clothing, thus ensuring a consistent and compelling presence in every aspect of Sugar Lounge's engagement with its discerning clientele.


Project Management. Business Consultation.

Brand Identity. Art Direction. Copywriting.


Print. Digital. Social Media. Signage.

OOH. Wayfinding. Apparel.


Custom Wordpress. Digital Printing.

Speciality Inks. Die Cuts. Screenprinting.


Inkwell Open. Klang MT. Pipo. Mad Sans. Mad Serif Fill.


Kelly Shield (Brand Identity/Design, Consultation & Copywriting).

Cara Diffey (Illustration). Mark Endley (Website Developer).

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