Flyer layout "Vier de Zomer Samen"

Flyers Studio Ronduit Vier de zomer Samen

Such a great project!

This summer, I designed this flyer campaign for "Vier de Zomer Samen", translating as "Celebrate the Summer Together" in Dutch.

The event

On various days and locations in the Baarsjes neighborhood in Amsterdam, organizations such as Combiwel Buurtwerk, Cordaan Amsterdam, and the Amsterdam municipality made it possible to create a summer holiday vibe. The target group; everyone who doesn't have the luxury of going on vacation, like the elderly.

A fantastic initiative i'm proud to have contributed to!

The project

The client's request was to create a campaign with flyers for all different locations and ensure that these flyers can be easily reused next year.

We accomplished this by creating simple, yet interesting, vector illustrations, that represent each country. All illustrations share the same base: the globe, the flag and one iconic building. In addition we added a few more symbols.

This way, we created versatile flyers that could be used for other themes just by switching the flags and symbols.

Please check out all the flyers down below and share your thoughts in the comments!

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Posted on Oct 3, 2023

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