With over 100 years of combined experience, Salsa is transforming the old, burdensome ways of payroll and imagining the payroll of the future. Our job was to imagine the future of their brand.

With the power of collaborative workshops, moodboarding, and stylescaping, we were able to create a clean, modern, innovative brand that made Salsa not just measure up–but stand out from its competitors. Simple, representative illustrations took it to the next level.

Website UX/UI

We applied Salsa’s shiny new branding to a new website that really reflects the benefits for each audience. We designed the site to be minimalistic and modern, giving a professional feel that generates trust in users and potential investors alike.

Custom illustrations accompanying each page alternated between simple, geometric illustrations that represented the concepts presented, and simplified UI screens that give a glimpse into what the product really looks like. This way, users can visualize what their own payroll product built with Salsa would look like.

Motion UI & Illustrations

Our illustrations for Salsa had the goal of representing the company’s value proposition and benefits conceptually, without overloading the user with visual information. We also wanted to maintain the brand’s sleek minimalist look. Illustrations represented concepts such as boosting revenue, growing and scaling businesses, and seamlessly moving money.

Motion UI gives life to Salsa’s graphics and iconography around payroll products. Animating simplified UI graphics gives users a sense of what the product looks like in action and just how easy it is to use while adding motion to icons and mini illustrations makes for a more dynamic site and enjoyable user experience.


Maximiliano Malisani (Art Direction)

Mila Gutierrez (Design)

Florencia Daniele (Design)

Josefina Nino (Design)

Nicolas Baumgartner (Motion Graphics)

Lucia Perez (Illustration)

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