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Website UI

Arena’s AI hiring tool is revolutionizing the labor market by matching companies with candidates who are likely to stay and eliminating bias.

To make their website match the cutting-edge technology of their offering, we applied refreshed branding to a new website that would showcase Arena’s offerings and give a sneak peek at the product UI.

The website’s heros and offerings were accompanied by graphics featuring simplified versions of the UI to give users a sense of how it works and show just how simple and intuitive it is to use.


Arena’s rebrand and website redesign included a new set of custom illustrations and icons to represent the functionalities of Arena’s platform, the different steps to success when using the products, as well as the values the company holds.

Our goal was to keep the illustrations minimal and modern while maintaining the empathetic, human element that’s so important to Arena’s mission of eliminating bias in hiring.

Motion UI

Motion UI added to Arena’s illustrations and graphics helped us simply visually convey the complex functions behind Arena’s product. The animations add dynamism to the site and give it a modern edge that reflects the sophisticated technologies that drive the product.


Josefina Nino (Design)

Mila Gutierrez (Design)

Agustina Mai Favalli (Design)

Daniela Morrongiello (Design)

Nicolas Baumgartner (Motion Graphics)

Posted on Oct 3, 2023
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