Car Rental Service Mobile App

In the rushing rhythm of life, car rental apps are in high demand. People need to get from A to B and they are ready to be loyal customers if you provide them with the right means.

Here, a client approached us to design a car rental app that would have a neat design with extensive information about vehicles. We developed a filtering system that would cater to different types of users in the target audience. While designing it, we kept in mind that people usually would wait a maximum of two minutes. So the user should find and book the car within that period. Using tags and cards, the clients would succeed with that task and return to the app next time.

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A design concept is what you need when time crunch doesn't allow for a complete process. This is where Conceptzilla comes in handy. We design up to four main screens of your product, ready for public display. Fixed price. One week.

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