UI Navigation Concept

Hey guys! Sometimes we all have such situation. We come home Friday night after working day, have some burger and think "What am I to do tonight? Is there anything interesting in my city?"
I have those situations quite often and that's why I introduce you my new concept of the City News app which allows you to stay always aware of all cool events and places to go.
And here is a navigation concept for the elements of the feed. What do you think about it, guys?

While working on the projects and creating cool concepts here at Tubik Studio we always keep in mind the set of things that have to be taken into account to make the product not only user-friendly and easy to use, but also containing some super killer feature, something that makes the design stand out from the rest. We put together all the aspects of what makes the product viral into an article on our Tubik blog. Check it out and follow us to make sure you get the latest updates on how we work and what we do!

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