iOS 9 Sketch Keyboard Kit

EDIT: Sketch 3.4 breaks this because of a change in the way background blur is calculated. Documents from 3.3.3 and earlier with these keyboards in may have issues when opened in 3.4. If you have that problem, open them with an older version of Sketch and remove them. Sorry for the problems.

For years now, keyboards have always been a bit of a pain point in the design workflow; unless you're using the standard layout you often struggle to find one with the layout you want. Even if you do, it's probably a flat bitmap and doesn't have the vibrancy effect introduced in iOS 7… and it has the "return" key instead of the "Search" key you want… and so on.
So I spent some time putting together a Sketch doc with pretty much all the keyboard layouts and options available to us (keyboard layouts (including number pads), return key options, and in both appearances (light & dark styles)). These options are hidden away in Xcode, which we designers pretty much never see, but this doc allows us to see nearly all the options available, so we can provide more accurate designs and better guidance to our developers.

As you can imagine, it's no small task, so it's currently only iPhone 6 in portrait, but we're aiming to update this with portrait and landscape for iPhones 4/5, 6, and 6+, as well as iPad, which is already in the works.

Obviously you'll need the San Fransisco UI font families which you can download from Apple's website.

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