Cinemax: complete website redesign


The client is an art-house cinema owner who was looking for a rebranding of their website. They wanted something fresh and modern, but still in phase with their audience. The initial intention was to give it a bit of a refresh. However, I took it one step further as to propose a new feature they hadn’t thought of.


I had a week to redesign Cinemax’s website and present the new layout and features. At the end of the five working days, I had:

  1. Validated the moodboard with the client (four versions proposed);

  2. Created the style guide that would be used on the entire website;

  3. Proposed a feature that wasn’t on the original wireframes.

The process

1. Research

I studied the websites of at least five competitors to get a sense of what I should be aiming at, then created four mood boards (images, typographies and colour palettes). I presented the mood boards to the client, who picked one, and quickly sketched a style tile so he would have a sense of what their website could look like.

2. Define

As we agreed on the style, I redesigned their homepage and created a guide after they validated it. With that style guide, everyone who worked on the site knew how to implement the typographies and colours throughout the website. I also added a set of icons, buttons and more.

3. Design

Walking through the wireframes, I had another vision for their booking system and proposed a “like” feature. I learned to manage my expectations, as well as my client’s. In the end, I presented them with a newly redesigned homepage, booking system, movie page and subscription page, which I had iterated multiple times according to feedback.

What I’d do differently if I had more time

UI Design isn’t simply about having a good-looking interface. Even though the client’s feedback is very important to the design process, here’s what I would do if I had more time:

  • Include the user in the design process by conducting interviews each step of the way. It could have been a nice way to engage with the client’s audience to make them choose their favourite mood board, for example;

  • Conduct user testing on the new booking system and “like” feature, as the feedback received was of the client;

  • Review the navigation of the website more in depth to provide more value to the client.

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