Silent Focus

Silent Focus is an exclusive brand offering corporate silence retreats designed to empower individuals through silence, nature connection and retreat activities, fostering internal recalibration for enhanced personal life and work performance.


The project began with a social environment analysis, leading us to the core brand concept: "In our modern world, cherishing silence and tranquility is a luxury." Building on this foundation, we crafted the brand platform, drawing inspiration from the founder's personal journey and key aspects of the retreat experience, all with a focus on resonating with our target audience.


For visual identity, we chose a muted green color palette with subtle contrast, aiming to evoke feelings of tranquility and a deep connection to nature. The logo, crafted with manual strokes, reflects the natural textures of trees while subtly resembling an eye, symbolizing the brand's emphasis on focus. The visual compositions mirror the brand's core values of simplicity and serenity.




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