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KicksPotion - a unique eCommerce brand that delivers the best sneakers from the best brands worldwide. In this showcase, I wanna represent the whole process from scratch, how we built impressive and selling eCommerce designs.


The process starts with detailed UX Research, Flow Creation, and of course, after that, UX Design Development. After some tests and adjustments, we moved into UI Part and eCommerce Design Solution Delivery.


Everything starts with Research, We made detailed target audience research, and competitors and based on this data built the UX Flow and page structure of each part of the website.

UX Design

Collected data we turned into detailed UX Wireframes, which we successfully tested on some users and after adjustments transformed into amazing UI.

UI Design

After UX testing, we started working on the design, and now I am able to show a combination of selling structure, joy, minimalistic, and motion approaches in one UI Idea.


Based on Research, we decided that we should use these pages to create the best eCommerce Experience:

  • Main Page

  • Louder

  • Catalog

  • Product Page

  • Search

  • Wishlist

  • Cart

  • Checkout Flow

  • Payment Page

  • Success Page

  • 404

  • Contact Page

  • Account Authorization

  • Order Page

  • Dashboard

  • Text Pages

Of course, it is impossible to show all the pages here, so check more here, but the most interesting part is below πŸ˜„

Catalog Page

On this page, we show all products, filters, and important info about the catalog.

Product Page

Product Details, Price, Sizes, Bio, Gallery, and all required info in Sneakers eCommerce!

In addition, the section has other suggestions for other products to keep users inside the store and not allow to quit.


Common Cart Experience with detailed information about potential orders!


Powerful Search to find everything inside the store. Based on the Search user can find:

  • Pair of Shoes

  • Brands

  • Categories


Great Feature for Users and Upsale tool for us! No cart - Yes Wishlist, we are not allowing people to leave the website, and based on the wishlist we will share letters with suggestions to buy content from this list.

Personal Account

Users can track orders from the main list or the order page. In addition, we are able to share discounts and other marketing tools for users from this part of the website.


Classic Checkout process inspired by the best eCommerce product on the market.

Shipping and Personal Info - Payment info - Success!🌟


The website is huge, so louder is super important, we made this louder really WOW!


Of course, developers were happy because I made a detailed UIKit of the website with whole and clear information about all design and design elements.

Mobile Version

Sure thing! Design has been created for Mobile and Tablets for whole pages and sections because 65% of our users visit the website from mobile!

As a Result

We made a significant and precise website design for eCommerce Product Kickspotion; we counted all things and made all pages and flow, which helped us to reach our goals and help our clients quickly get the best sneakers in the world. We made new business through the design and have been connected to sneaker distribution and happy clients!


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Let's create a new Unicorn! Let's create such a WOW Design πŸŽ†

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