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🧬 Quote

"The doctor's duty is not only to alleviate pain,

but also to teach and inspire hope."

— William Osler

📦 Introducing SH osler UI Kit

👋 Hello internet friends! How are you? We hope you're doing well & staying healthy! 💪

Today, we are thrilled to introduce our latest creation, the osler UI Kit!! 👨‍⚕️

Inspired by the Father of Modern Medicine, the Osler UI Kit is a comforting & patient-centric design solution for creating personalized telehealth mobile applications — from appointment booking to telehealth AI chatbot. 🦾🏥

Designed with simplicity and care, the Osler UI Kit empowers you to create a cohesive AI telehealth experience that nurtures connections between doctors and patients. 📞🤗🏥

✨Product Highlights

  • 200+ Screens, 170+ Components, 2x Dashboard✔

  • Dark Mode Support, HIG/Material Guideline ✔

  • Holistic Design Principle ✔

  • 40+ Soft Healthcare Illustrations ✔

  • osler Icon Set ✔

  • osler Design System ✔

  • Organized Layer & Clean Naming ✔

  • Lifetime Update & Support ✔

  • Font Included (Nunito by Vernon Adams, Google Font License) ✔

💾 File Formats

The SH osler UI Kit is exclusively available in Figma format for streamlined optimization, updates & and integration into your healthcare design workflow. 👍

📜 Licensing & Usage Rights

✔ Do:

  • Use the osler UI Kit for personal and commercial projects.

  • Modify and customize the UI Kit to fit your needs.

  • Use the UI Kit in unlimited projects without extra fees.

❌ Don't:

  • Resell, redistribute, or share the UI Kit as is or in collections.

  • Claim ownership of the osler UI Kit as your own.

  • Use the UI Kit for illegal, harmful, or offensive purposes.

💖Thank You!!

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Don't ever stop creating what you love.

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