Old Town Tavern

Clapham Leisure unveiled its latest venture - Old Town Tavern, a quintessential gem nestled within the historic enclave of Old Town Clapham, London. This venture presented us with the unique challenge of revitalizing a 19th-century pub while infusing it with a contemporary allure.

The mission commenced with a visionary approach that seamlessly harmonised the nostalgia of bygone eras with the sophistication of the present. Utilising a curated blend of modern and vintage typography, meticulously crafted layouts, and a colour palette featuring Navy Blue, Brass, Beige, Antique Pastel Green, and Grey. This endeavour extended far beyond mere aesthetics. Embarking on a captivating journey through history, unearthing a treasure trove of vintage photographs that not only celebrated the pub's storied past but also paid homage to the surrounding area's timeless charm.

This didn't conclude with visual aesthetics alone. Encompassing a multifaceted spectrum, spanning across print and digital media, bespoke signwriting, exquisite gold guilding, environmentally conscious and sustainable design, seamless wayfinding solutions, and striking signage. The objective was not only to craft a visual identity that was aesthetically remarkable but also to elevate the Old Town Tavern.

During this time, I also worked as the Brand Operations Manager for the entire Clapham Leisure hospitality group. Working to put in place a new standard, to ensure that every venue within their portfolio would narrate its unique story. This included cafes, cocktail bars, restaurants, wine bars, and pizzerias.

The Old Town Tavern beckons, inviting you to immerse yourself in a brand identity that transcends mere aesthetics, rooted deeply in the essence of Clapham's storied heritage.


Project Management. Brand Operations.

Creative Direction. Art Direction. Launch Event.


Print. Digital. Social Media. Signwriting. Uniforms.

Glassware. Gold Guilding. Environmental. Wayfinding.


Custom Wordpress. Digital Printing. Speciality Inks. Die Cuts.

Painting. Gold Leaf. Engraving. Laser Cutting. Embroidery. Screenprinting.


Lydia. Lydian. Harbour. Study.


Kelly Shield (Brand Identity/Design & Operations). Keira Pearse (Company Operations & Copy). Kia Dunn (General Manager & Copy). Irregular Signs (Gold Guilding). Matt Swan (Signwriting). Mark Endley (Website Developer). Dilek Gozde Akin (Launch Assistant).

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