A prehistoric dinosaur themed poster

Hello all! It's time for the second tutorial pertaining to the versatile vector collection, found over at @Design Cuts.

We are going to go way back in time for this one, around 200 million years or so. The brief is to design a poster for a traveling exhibit about dinosaurs. This is going to be a fun one!

This Illustrator tutorial will have us explore techniques and tools such as offset path, the pathfinder, the blob brush, brushes, and more.

The brief is alas fictional, but oh well. Our job this time is to create a poster for "Giants of the Past," a mostly dinosaur-related traveling exhibit. It’s been put together by the greatly talented folks at the Smithsonian Institute.

The exhibit will stop at the fictional London Natural History Museum, that is greatly inspired by the real-life Natural History Museum.

Who's in for a trip to Isa Nublar?

You can have a look at the original sketch for the poster, as well as a closer look to the outcome, in the attachments.

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