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Team Crypto is a product that successfully combines AI Technology, DeFi, Crypto, and Investments in one app.

You can create and manage your personalized portfolio because AI will do everything for you. AI will create, manage and check everything for you 🪬

So, here I just wanna represent one feature from the entire product. This is AI Wallet Analyze.

You can connect your wallet, and AI will check the history, and current assets and will provide you with recommendations and risk solutions to make your portfolio better.

The flow is simple, Connect the Wallet, Wait, and Check the Result🔮

Step 1: Connect Wallet

Step 2: Wait

Step 3: Check your personalized results

My role

I did detailed research from user and tech perspectives to make this product valuable and technically ideal.

After Research I made the UI/UX Design, Graphics, and UIKit.

So, my role was to take an idea from the product owner and, based on my Product Design Expertise, bring this idea to production 🔭


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Let's create a new Unicorn! Let's create such a WOW Design 🎆

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