Finance Dashboard | Crypto Staking 💸


Dashboard UI/UX Product Development for big Crypto Staking product.

Inside this Dashboard, you can find all the financial data of your account and profit info in catchy UI Design and clean UX.


I started this Product from profound UX Research. We explored that more charts are super loud and unclean, but at the same time, they are informative. In addition, fintech products should have as many numbers and information as possible on one screen to create superb usability.

So, we counted priorities and showed only the critically important information. How we selected what is essential?

We provided ten user interviews and re-created the most critical information based on their feedback.

After all the research actions, we made wireframes and a pretty UI of the Dashboard.

The goal was to create catchy and not familiar charts that were clear for users.

As a result, we and our users said that we made it!


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