ConverSight’s rebrand: The virtual assistant

Branding of ConverSight’s virtual assistant, Athena, through the use of color palette, typography, a

Humanizing the interaction with data through design

Athena is ConverSight’s virtual assistant, a data storyteller that delivers insights for business leaders. Athena redefines users’ relationship with data, making the process of accessing and understanding complex information seamless, intuitive, and cooperative.

Our Branding Team's objective was to represent these core principles in Athena's design, in a manner that makes users interact with data naturally, without a perception of complexity.

In the design of the AI assistant, we made use of the primary color palette and rearranged the semicircles from the brand’s symbol to personify a friendly character. This concept enables a whole range of expressions that can be incorporated into visual elements such as a voice waveform.

Design of the virtual assistant's facial expressions, using the color palette, and geometric shapes
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