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Melt Water is the secret of long and healthy life. So, some enthusiasts from Ukraine just made a startup to solve this issue and deliver meltwater to everyone.

From my side, I made a Landing Page where we showed all information about the product, company, and opportunity to make an order.


I've started the process with detailed UX Research, and we found more than 50 water stores if we can call these websites like this.

And after research, we decided that this is a super common and typical experience to create a website like this. Only Borjomi has been more interesting than others.

So, we decided to create something unique and out of the ordinary, like our product itself.

As a Result

After detailed research, we started working on Structure, UX Copy, and Moodbaord.

We found more than 200 examples of UI Elements and made a pretty UI Design of the Landing Page, which helped to reach our goals! πŸ’¦


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Let's create a new Unicorn! Let's create such a WOW Design πŸŽ†

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