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RWD is currently one of the key elements of any digital product, such as a website or e-commerce platform.

Systematic research confirms that over 📊 65% of users generating traffic on websites use mobile devices. These statistics change from year to year, increasing the advantage of mobile over desktop. 📱🖥️

That is why the RWD phase is such an important aspect of my projects, during which I prepare further breakpoints. Today I would like to introduce you to the mobile version of the e-commerce platform I've been working on for the Australian cosmetics brand. 🧴

This is of course a small part of the big picture, but it gives a good reference to how important this phase is to me - an important aspect of the RWD stage is of course maintaining the ✨ UI layer, but even more important is adapting desktop functionality to support them in mobile. 🙌

Don't forget to check out the full desktop version:

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Soon more! 🙌

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