Safari & TextEdit

I'm continuing my Mac replacements with two new icons for Safari & TextEdit!

Big Safari

Big TextEdit

The more of these icons I make, the more I start to worry about consistency. With the templates + color palette I have set up I should be good (for the most part), but I do know some stuff snuck through on the earlier icons...
When I've finished the set and get my offer from Apple to buy the set (in exchange for their entire $200B cash reserve, of course), well, then I'll be sure to go back and fix any inconsistencies before shipping.

Both icons are free for download in the attachment ⇡ or on my site (along with the rest of the set so far)

Feedback helps me improve (and is interesting to read), so any of that is appreciated ❤

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2 MB
Posted on Aug 18, 2015

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