Brothwell Bespoke Fitted Furniture Logo design

A logo design for Brothwell Bespoke Fitted Furniture, a furniture and joinery specialist based in Clifford, Boston Spa, UK. The design utilises negative space, incorporating both an open door silhouette doubling up as a dovetail joint within the ‘B’ logomark.

The key words behind the design are ‘classic’, ‘original’, ‘modern’, ‘bespoke’ – these helped to build the concept of an uniquely recognisable logomark, and when paired with a modern humanist sans serif font, matched both the quality of Brothwell’s products and was perfectly aligned with their market.

One design factor for the monogram was to allow the possibility of multiple print applications onto different mediums, such as stencilling, embossing, printing, rubber stamping and laser etching, allowing furniture and wood products to be labelled and marketed.

A single universal colour scheme was developed, allowing the logo to be used against both light and dark backgrounds without the need to change hue or tonal values.

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Posted on Jul 13, 2023

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