Talluq—B2B Marketplace Pitch Deck


Talluq Technologies, a startup with a vision to establish itself as the leading B2B online marketplace technology platform in Pakistan, aims to empower every participant within the supply chain process.

The name "Talluq" derives from the Urdu word for "relationship," reflecting the company's focus on fostering strong connections among stakeholders.


Talluq Technologies approached our team for assistance in creating a pitch deck that would effectively communicate its unique business concept to potential investors.

The challenge was to capture their vision, showcase the market opportunity, and demonstrate the value proposition of their platform.

Design Process:

Understanding the Vision:

We conducted in-depth discussions with the Talluq Technologies team to gain a comprehensive understanding of their vision, business model, and target market. This enabled us to align our design approach with their goals.

Visual Storytelling:

We leveraged visual elements, such as infographics, charts, and illustrations, to enhance the pitch deck's storytelling.

By presenting data in an engaging and easily digestible format, we ensured that investors could quickly grasp the value proposition and market potential of Talluq Technologies.


Through close collaboration and a design-driven approach, our team assisted Talluq Technologies in creating a persuasive pitch deck that captured the essence of their business concept.

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