Illustration for Community Cat Clinic.

The project has been working and operating in the animal welfare space (primarily cats and dogs) for 20-plus years. One of the key focuses on providing access to veterinary care for households that have trouble affording it and struggle to properly care for their animals. In recent years, the euthanasia rate in shelters has been almost 3 cats for every one dog. The cat issue is not getting better instead the dog issue.

The new venture, Community Cat Clinic, is a veterinary practice focusing exclusively on the unique healthcare, behavior, and wellness needs of cats, providing this service at an affordable cost for families as well as rescues who otherwise may not get medical care for their animals.

As a cat person, I joined this project with huge pleasure ❤️

We ran with the idea of creating 5 illustrations for 5 different rooms in the clinic: "Library", "Attic", "The Catio", "Outlook" and "Scratching post".

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