Unique e-Commerce Experience | 2B1 or space items store🛸


2B1 is a unique shop that provides users with amazing products in space design.

2B1 isn't just a shop, this is a special store, which is available only for a limited number of users, so they use a public password system, and only premium users know this password and are able to check the catalog😎

My role 😗

I made a product design for them! The main task was to create a space design for 2B1 and a great UX which will be super user-friendly, sales oriented, and easy to use despite of password system and a lot of 3D renders and website animations 😋

Result 😎

I made a UI/UX Product Design for the 2B1 Store based on target audience requests, usability testing results, interviews, and many other processes.

Of course, as an e-Commerce experiacne we explored a lot of competitors and made a lot of features and other things, which will increase our future CTR🤘

Taras Oliinyk

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