Lightning Exploration Cycles

Recently i finished my lightning course for holywood and portrait lightning for 3D artists

There is a challenge to create mood and environment with the same model but exclusively with light. I've studied all modern technics (more than 12), and here is a my few favorites.


Apple like. Presentation. Product lightning. πŸ‘‡

Standart movie

Rembrandt Soft + Rim light. Reels. Movies. Simple emotion.πŸ‘‡


Ethereal and airy. πŸ‘‡

Window with eye line

Dramatic. Detective. Expectation of something.πŸ‘‡

Profile lightning

Dramatic. Thinking. Sad.πŸ‘‡

Soviet Russian movies

Very soft. Sad and guilty. πŸ‘‡

Thx for watching and keep going 😽

Posted on Jun 24, 2023
Andy ZIko
Fintech and Banking UI/UX Lead

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