DMIW Branding Design

Celebrating Innovation in Wales

Digital Manufacturing Innovation Hub Wales is set to be the biggest funding support business in Wales. With a core focus on driving creative world-changing product and services that will help the Welsh economy.

MediaPeak partnered with DMIW to help brand their company to visualise their passion to like-minded visionaries. The process began with crafting the brand values, identifying their positioning, and user profiles. From that, MediaPeak developed a complete identity that reached every touch point of their current customers.

The Logo

Passion and Welsh spirit is at the heart of DMIW, along with a transition from old to new manufacturing and innovation. Captured in a single mark, outlining all characteristics of the core brand values. We took all these aspects and refined its form to work on a broader scale of applications and sizes.

Brand Colors

Bold, diverse, and Welsh-inspired. The DMIW brand colors are a reflection of its dynamic nature. It’s also used to color code and or organize various design systems across the brand.

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Posted on Jun 12, 2023

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