Join the Artist Shops playoff!

Threadless wants to make selling your art easier than ever. With Artist Shops, Threadless allows you to create a customizable store using your own brand. You choose the designs, what products they can be printed on, even set the price, and we’ll handle the rest—from printing and shipping to customer service and sales reporting. And it’s completely free!

Learn more about Artist Shops and reserve yours today to double your first $1000 in earnings! Click here to reserve!

To celebrate this new endeavor, Threadless and Dribbble are teaming up for a multi-round playoff. The contest will run through November 1, and will be divided into seven two-week rounds. Dribbble and Threadless will choose one winner per round. Winners will be announced approximately one week later. We will kick off each new two-week round with a blog post at Dribbble as well as mention in Dribbble's Weekly Replay and on social media.

Check out what other artists are doing with Artist Shops in the directory and be sure to swing by the Dribbble x Threadless shop to scoop some new Dribbble merch!

Your challenge: Artist Shops will roll out to the public this fall, but we want to give Dribbblers a chance to set up shop early. Rebound this shot with a design that represents what you would sell in your Artist Shop. And since your shop can include one really stellar design or dozens, we encourage you to keep shooting.

The prize:
We’ll choose a new winner every 2 weeks to receive:
• Early access to launch their Artist Shop
• $1000 cash
• Individual shop promotion from Dribbble and Threadless!

Reserve your own Artist Shop
• Rebound this shot with your design mocked up on any Artist Shop product (t-shirt, hoodie, phone case, wall art)
• Only include one design per shot, but you may rebound multiple times to fill out your collection. Each shot can have multiple products created.

Check out our first four winners in the playoff shot!

• Round 1: Creator Cam by Fabricio Rosa Marques. Shop Fabricio's Artist Shop now.

• Round 2: Back → to the future :) by Svetlana Tokarenko. Check back soon for details on Svetlana's Artist Shop.

• Round 3: Mecha Kaiju Hipster Bear by Mothef. Check back soon for details on Mothef's Artist Shop.

• Round 4: Dribbble X Threadless, Say Cheese! by Andreas Karoutzos. Check back soon for details on Andreas' Artist Shop.
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Posted on Jul 27, 2015

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