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Introducing the latest addition to our portfolio—the design and build of the main blog page and blog post template for Auto365.

Auto365, as Greece's leading car rental and leasing platform, sought to enrich their digital presence with a dedicated blog, serving as a hub of valuable information for their audience.

From the start, we aimed to create designs that are not just visually striking, but also highly user-friendly and reflective of Auto365's brand ethos.

Our team brought to life the main blog page, crafting an intuitive and engaging space for visitors to explore a diverse array of articles.

Through our design, the wealth of information hosted on Auto365's blog is now easily accessible, encouraging exploration and interaction.

For the blog post template, our focus was on creating a perfect canvas for Auto365's rich content.

Paying close attention to typography, layout, and interactive elements, we've designed a template that frames each blog post in a visually pleasing and reader-friendly manner.

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Posted on Jun 4, 2023
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