Recursive Trefoil Knot

960x960 version + animation nodes setup at the Imgur gallery:

Everyone here is familiar with the concept of the Trefoil Knot, right? Topologically, it's the simplest possible non-trivial knot. Well, I like that shape a lot, so I wanted to make one of my own... but this is where the recursion comes in, and this is the cool part: The objects moving along this path are exactly the same shape as the path itself, and they're all interlinked! They each move and rotate along the path while maintaining that linkage the whole time. AWW YEAH HOT MATHS!

More information about Trefoil Knot Maths:

I have also prepared a 1920x1080 1 minute looping video of these two perspectives in case you would like to put on some music, fullscreen them, and study them without distraction. I recommend trying this because this animation is hot.

Posted on Jul 22, 2015

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