It's been roughly two years since I've posted to Dribbble (ultra sad face), and I thought I'd explain why. In December of 2013 I had started to work on more photography related projects and naturally became interested in photo editing as well. Little did I know it would be this enjoyable. Anyways, a friend mentioned that I should try and sell my filters and I sort of ran with it. And so FilterGrade was born.

FilterGrade connects photographers, designers, and other creative people with amazing Photoshop actions and post-processing resources. In the past two years it has grown so much and really changed my life. Unfortunately, it also took so much time that I forgot about Dribbble! Luckily, another friend urged me to post today.

I wanted to apologize for that and let you know that I’ll be posting design updates much more often again now. Thanks!

Posted on Jul 15, 2015

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